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1.5TR Split ac
Ac mahabazaar is very osum web portal because i have purchased 1 unit on 22th august . They deliver sac within 3 business day @ my odi location with optimum prices . Guys have full service support in radiant future. next time definitely i'll purchase ac from only Acmahabazaar.....!
Mukesh Srivastava
25 August
Best deal
my self rDr. Swadesh from lko, i've purchased Godrej Ac from Acmahabazaar and i got best deal with best service.......i really save some money and time and i appreciate this site....
Dr. Swadsesh
24 July 2014
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3 Ton Cassette AUG36AB O General Cassette Split AC Maximize

3 Ton Cassette AUG36AB O General Cassette Split AC

124,090/- Rs.

124,090/- Rs. per 1 Unit

EPSS 636

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Quick Overview

3 Ton Cassette AUG36AB O General Cassette Split AC:

More details

3 Ton Cassette AUG36AB O General Cassette Split AC:

Indoor size 830x296x830mm
Indoor weight 40 Kg
Outdoor size 940x1152x370mm
Outdoor weight 94 Kg


Capacity 3.0 Ton

Buying Tip

One ton of AC can cool around 110sq.ft of area . It is a general notion that more the ton better the cooling but that is not the case , in order to cool any room efficiently the air needs to be dry but if the AC has more tonnage then it will cool faster but will not dry, thus effecting the overall performance .

Eer 9.68/ 9.84#

Buying Tip

More the EER ( Energy Efficieny Rating ) better the AC at conserving energy hence lesser the electricity bill. Generally AC with higher EER come with a higher price tag.


Type Cassette AC
Timer Yes
Compressor type Scroll

Buying Tip

There are two types of compressors : Piston and Rotary . Rotary compressors are better in efficiency and noise then others but at the same time are costlier and have higher repair costs.

Swing Yes
Remote Yes


Sleep mode No

Buying Tip

Sleep mode is good if you want to reduce energy consumption at night while you sleep . In sleep mode the AC slowly increases temperature at night while you sleep , this doesnt affect the body as it doesnt understand this slight difference in temp.

Auto restart Yes

Buying Tip

The auto restart function will turn the A/C back on automatically after a power outage, at the previous operating settings.


Power consumption 3700 Watts

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