AC MahaBazaar, a division of E-Peripheral Sales & Services Pvt. Ltd. is an electronic store dedicated to provide 360-degree shopping solutions to its customers. We are providing happy shopping experiences to our customers at best price, with our unmatched collection of products ranging from big brands Voltas, Hitachi, LG etc. to affordable imported items from vast range of product categories. The vendors approach to the company for the sale and supply of their products, through online web shopping platform provided by the company. The website also provides online specialized stores to some vendors in order to give them an experience of their own online retail outlet.

We offer the remarkable range of choices in every conceivable product category. These categories include Air Conditioners, Water Coolers etc. and Special Stores. The friendly user interface and unique features on the website helps it to stand out from the immense cluster of other websites in the same trade. The supply chain makes it even more competitive in the fast growing e-commerce market, the quick and safe delivery of goods prove to be an additional strength of the company.

AC MahaBazaar is on a mission to be the leading e-commerce company in the world, providing customers with an endless range of products in the best price available and also be the India’s most comprehensive e-commerce business that helps customers to make informed choices and extract the best value for their money.AC MahaBazaar brings forth the latest in personal and consumer technology from around the world.

Launched in June of 2007, AC MahaBazaar is dedicated to highlight the best in the world of technology including maximum range of Electronics Products.

The AC MahaBazaar editorial team comprises of professionals who are intrigued with Technology and are crazy for new ideas & Services. We strive to provide the most up-to-date, accurate and in-depth information on consumer electronics hitting the present day world.


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