Air Conditioners: The Best Solution during summers

Air Conditioners: The Best Solution during summers

With the temperatures rising year after year, bearing the heat has become impossible. Artificial cooling systems provide instant relief and are the best solution to the problem. Based on their requirement and budget, consumers can buy AC online at attractive prices and on easy installment schemes. The advantages of online AC purchase are many. One gets to choose from a wide variety of models across various brands priced to suit the budget of all income groups.

It is advisable to buy a product from a reputed brand. This ensures good quality of the product and good after-sale service also. In the long run it will be a wise decision to buy a good quality product that lasts for years, requires less repair work, comes with a warranty and consumes less electricity. A low cost machine may look lucrative at the time of purchase but later maintaining such a machine would be difficult.  The consumers can buy Voltas AC online and choose from an array of split and window AC.

All air conditioners require good maintenance. Most manufacturers provide one year warranty on their product and offer extended warranty and Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) beyond the warranty period.

There are two types of air conditioner servicing – wet and dry. Based on the contract, a fixed number of wet and dry servicing is provided to the customer annually.

Dry servicing includes:

  • Checking the overall working of the machine
  • Measuring voltage, power and current
  • Checking wired connections and terminal connection of compressor
  • Dismantling the machine
  • Cleaning the condenser and cooling coil with an air-blower
  • Front grill cleaning
  • Washing the filter
  • Checking the compressor cut-in and cut-off cycle
  • Oiling of fan
  • Oiling of blower motor
  • Measuring of grill and return air temperature

Wet servicing includes:

All of the above and additionally it also includes the following:

  • Dismantling of the machine for the purpose of cleaning
  • Washing of condensor and cooling coil after removing it from the motor housing instead of cleaning it with an air-blower

It is wise to get regular servicing done rather than pay for hefty repair expenses later. According to experts, the machine will lose almost 5% of its efficiency each year if it is not serviced regularly. On the other hand, servicing ensures efficient usage of the machine which results in low power consumption and low electricity bills. It is better to make a good one time investment rather than paying huge amounts later.

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