Buy an Air Conditioner Online and Beat the Heat This Summer

Buy an Air Conditioner Online and Beat the Heat This Summer

Global Warming is a major concern today across the globe. With each passing year, the Earth’s surface temperature is rising drastically making the heat unbearable. As a result of this, more and more people are now opting for artificial cooling methods. The most effective amongst these is the air conditioner. Air conditioners today are more of a necessity than a luxury.

There are many air conditioner manufacturers in the Indian market producing a variety of AC. There is a huge range to choose from – split AC, window AC, inbuilt inverter AC, various star rated AC, various tonnage of AC etc. With easy instalment schemes, to buy AC online India is no more a luxury and it has become affordable for the common man as well.

With numerous options available in the market, buying an AC is not an easy task. According to our requirement we need to decide which is the most suitable for us. We take a glimpse of the various products available.

Split AC and Window AC:

There are two types of Air conditioners available – Split and Window. Both consume more or less the same amount of power and it depends on the consumer’s personal choice as to which one he wants to buy. Most consumers choose to buy window AC online as they are comparatively lower in cost as compared to the split versions. However, there are more choices available when one opts to buy split AC online. Also a split AC looks better and makes lesser noise as compared to a window one. If the requirement is for a higher tonnage AC then it is better to choose a split one over a window.

Various Tonnages:

After deciding which one to choose out of split and window, one needs to decide what is the tonnage required, depending on the size & location of the room and number of people, lights, computers etc occupying the room. For example a small size room on the top floor may require a higher tonnage AC as compared to a slightly bigger room on the ground floor. Also an oversized AC may turn out to be less effective. So it is advisable to decide the tonnage required before buying the machine. It is usually suggested to buy a 0.75 ton AC for a room of 120 sq. feet, 1 ton for a room measuring 121 to 150 sq. feet, 1.5 ton for a room between 151 and 250 sq. feet and a 2 ton or above machine for a room measuring 251 sq feet or above.

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