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Today, life without air conditioners is unimaginable. One would rather shop in a centrally air conditioned mall rather than an open market. Similarly, a movie is more enjoyable in an air conditioned multiplex than a normal non-ac cinema hall. People are ready to pay an extra price for this comfort.

Gradually people are getting accustomed to this luxury and installation of air conditioners at private offices, residences, small shops etc has also become inevitable. The manufacturers of various air conditioners are also trying to cater to this demand from different income groups by offering air conditioners at various price levels to suit the budget of every consumer. With many websites providing air conditioners at great discounts and on easy installment schemes, to buy ac online India, has become extremely affordable.

There are a variety of models available in the market. One just has to decide on the features and the price and conveniently ac buy online. Say for example, if a consumer decides to buy a split AC, a basic model would cost him around Rs. 18000 whereas the most high-end model would come for ten times this cost.  With such a wide range of air conditioner prices in India, every consumer is sure to get an air conditioner of his choice and within his budget too.

However one needs to understand that just buying an AC is not the end of the expense. There are a lot of other expenses that come inevitably. First expense right after the purchase is the installation cost. Installation cost of a split AC is higher than that of the window version. Depending on the location where the AC needs to fit there may be some additional costs. For example a split Ac installation may require extra copper pipe, drainage pipe or a stand to place the Out Door Unit (ODU). This cost is not included in the installation cost. Window ACs may require wood work to be done to place the machine and insulate the room. This again comes at an extra cost.

Most manufacturers provide one year warranty on their product. This means from the second year onwards, expenses like dry servicing, wet servicing, gas charging etc have to be borne by the consumer.

Apart from this, the AC would consume greater power which would have a direct effect on the monthly electricity bill of the consumer.

In short, this luxury comes for a price, though the comfort is surely worth the expense!

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