Principle & Operations of the Split System of Central Air-Conditioning

When the warmer months of summer arrive, use of a central air-conditioning rises. One particular system, called the split system, places an evaporator coil device within the home and a condenser outside.

A split system uses the movement of heat between the two devices to cool a home. Typically, the evaporator coil is placed in a closet area or garage corner, whereas the condenser can be located in a corner of a garden or patio area.

The outdoor unit converts the refrigerant into a hot, highly pressurized gas. As the refrigerant moves from the outside to the inside device, it slowly cools. Once it reaches the indoor evaporator, it expands and distributes its cool air to the household duct work for cooling. At that point, the refrigerant returns to the outside to recirculate again.

The warmer air that enters the indoor evaporator coil also loses its moisture. It condenses on the coil to be drained away, resulting in cool, drier air within the home.

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