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1.5Tr Hot & cold Split Ac.
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Daikin 2.2 Ton  FTKS Series Inverter (Cooling Only) (FTKS71FVMA) Split Air Conditioner Maximize

Daikin 2.2 Ton FTKS Series Inverter (Cooling Only) (FTKS71FVMA) Split Air Conditioner

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Quick Overview

Daikin 2.2 Ton  FTKS Series Inverter (Cooling Only) (FTKS71FVMA) Split Air Conditioner:

  • MRP:  72100 
  • Selling Price:  71100 
  • Discount:  1000
  • 1.8 Ton Split Ac 
  • Auto Restart Digital Display 
  • Sleep Mode 
  • Remote Control 
  • Power-Airflow 
  • Dual Flaps & Wide-Angle Louvers 

More details

Daikin 2.2 Ton  FTKS Series Inverter (Cooling Only) (FTKS71FVMA) Split Air Conditioner:

  • Vertical Auto-Swing (Up & Down) 
  • Horizontal Auto-Swing (Left & Right) 
  • 3-D Airflow 
  • Indoor Unit Quiet Operation 
  • Outdoor Unit Quiet Operation 
  • Intelligent Eye Programme 
  • Dry Function 
  • Auto Fan Speed 
  • Home Leave Operation Inverter 
  • Powerful Operation Indoor Unit 
  • On/Off Switch Titanium Apatite 
  • Photocatalytic Air-Purifying Filter 
  • Wipe-Clean Flat Panel 
  • 24-Hours On/Off Timer 
  • Night Set Mode 
  • Self-Diagnosis with Digital Display 
  • Anti-corrosion Treatment of Outdoor Heat Exchanger Fins


Description of Daikin 1.8 Tr Inverter FTKS 60 FVMA R-410A Split Air Conditioner
Bring home Daikin 1.8 TR Inverter FTKS 60 FVMA R-410A Split Air Conditioner for perfect cooling. It provides comfortable airflow with the help of power-airflow dual flaps and wide-angle louvers. They work in tandem to precisely control the airflow for distribution of air. The power air-flow dual flaps flatten out during cooling operation to deliver cool air to the corners of the room. The smoothly curved wide-angle louvers provide wide airflow coverage for effective cooling operation no matter where the indoor unit is placed in the room. It also has vertical auto-swing (up and down) which moves the flaps up and down to distribute air across a room. The horizontal auto-swing (left and right) moves the louvers to the left and right to cover a room with cool air. It has 3-D airflow as well that combine vertical and horizontal auto-swing to circulate air to every part of a room for uniform cooling/heating of even large spaces.Daikin 1.8 TR Inverter FTKS 60 FVMA R-410A Split Air Conditioner provides maximum comfort to the users with its comfort control features. The indoor unit quiet operation function decreases the operation sound level by 3 dB below the Low setting. To add to that, the outdoor unit quiet operation function decreases the operation sound level by 3 dB below the rated operation. This Ac has Intelligent Eye feature which prevents energy wastage by using its infra-red sensor to detect human movement in a room. When there is no movement, Intelligent Eye increases/decreases the temperature by 2 degrees Celsius to save energy up to 20 per cent for cooling operation and up to 30 per cent for heating operation. The automatic operation function automatically selects cooling or heating operation mode based on the room temperature at start-up. It has programme dry function which automatically reduces the level of humidity while maintaining the pre-set room temperature. With the auto fan speed function, the microprocessor automatically controls fan speed to adjust the room temperature to the set temperature. The settings of this AC can be easily chosen and modified with the help of a wireless remote controller.Lifestyle convenience features of Daikin 1.8 TR Inverter FTKS 60 FVMA R-410A Split Air Conditioner are also very useful. You get home leave operation which prevents large rises or falls in the indoor temperature by continuing operation (can be set at any temperature from 18 to 32 degrees Celsius for cooling operation and 10 to 30 degrees Celsius for heating operation) while you are sleeping or out of your home. The inverter powerful operation boosts cooling/heating performance for a 20-minute period. This is convenient both when you first turn on your air conditioner and when you want to quickly change the temperature during operation. It has an indoor unit on/off switch which can be conveniently started manually in the event the wireless remote controller is misplaced or the wireless remote controller batteries are not charged. This AC consists of Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic air-purifying filter. It is a new photocatalytic material with advanced adsorption power. While the filter’s micron-level fibres trap dust, this photocatalyst effectively adsorbs and decomposes bacteria and viruses, and also breaks down mould and odours. The filter delivers consistent performance for approximately three years if maintained periodically. Daikin has removed the grooves from the front panel to make it easier to clean the panel. This wide-clean flat panel model can be cleaned instantly with a single wipe of cloth across its smooth surface. If more thorough cleaning is required, the panel can also be easily removed from its unit. Moreover, the provided timers make your cooling experience more enjoyable. It has 24-hours on/off timer which can be pre-set to start and stop at any time within a 24-hour period. The air conditioner starts/stops simply by pressing the On/Off timer button on the wireless remote controller. Pressing the Off timer automatically selects the night set mode. This function prevents any sudden change in room temperature by gradually raising/lowering the temperature before the air conditioner stops, so you can sleep comfortably. With the help of “auto-restart after power failure” feature the air conditioner memorises the settings for mode, airflow, temperature, etc., and automatically returns to them when power is restored after a power failure. It has self-diagnosis with digital display. The malfunction codes are shown on the digital display panel of the wireless remote controller for fast and easy maintenance. This AC’s outdoor unit’s heat exchanger fins are processed using a special anti-corrosion treatment. The surface is covered with a thin acrylic resin layer to enhance the fins’ resistance to acid rain and salt corrosion.

Technical Specifications of Daikin 1.8 Tr Inverter FTKS 60 FVMA R-410A Split Air Conditioner
In the Box 1 Unit, Manual and Warranty Card

  • Type Split AC
  • Capacity 1.8 Ton
  • Functions Cooling
  • Air Flow Direction 4-Way
  • Refrigerant Type R-410A
  • Compressor Hermetically Sealed Swing


  • Air Circulation 572 CFM
  • Moisture Removal -
  • Indoor Sound Level 45/36/33 dB(A)
  • Outdoor Sound Level 49/46 dB(A)
  • Dry Yes
  • Other Modes Night Set Mode


  • Anti-Bacteria
  • Active Carbon
  • Catechin
  • Other Filters Titanium Apetite Photocatalytic Air-Purifying Filter


  • Auto Restart Yes
  • Front Panel Display Yes
  • Self Diagnosis Yes
  • Other Convenience Features Intelligent Eye, Auto Fan Speed, Wireless Remote Controller, 24 Hour On/Off Timer, Indoor Unit On/Off Switch, Home Leave Operation


  • Other Features Wide Angle Louvers, Anti-Corrosion Treatment of Outdoor Heat Exchanger Fins, 3D Airflow
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio 3.03 W/W
  • Power Requirements 1 phase, 230V, 50Hz
  • Cooling Operating Current 8.8 A
  • Power Consumption 1980 (440-2390) W
  • Energy Saver


  • Width 1050 mm
  • Height 290 mm
  • Depth 238 mm
  • Net Weight 12 Kg


  • Width 825 mm
  • Height 735 mm
  • Depth 300 mm
  • Net Weight 48 Kg

WARRANTY - Period 1 + 4 Year Warranty

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