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5 tips for saving Energy & Money Maximize

5 tips for saving Energy & Money

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5 tips for saving Energy & Money:
Making your home more energy efficient is probably a lot easier than you think. Always eager to save our readers a few Ac Mahabazaar have teamed up with the good people at Appliances Online to bring you the following simple tips to help you enjoy a more economical home – and cheaper bills!

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5 tips for saving Energy & Money:

1. Switch it off!

It’s easy enough to say ‘turn all your appliances off when you leave the room’, but when you’re halfway up the stairs to bed and you realise you have left the washing machine or TV on standby, would you turn around and switch it off? Hmmm, maybe not.

That’s why many new washing machines now come with a true Auto Off function. A few minutes after a cycle has finished the appliance turns completely off, all by itself. Considering each appliance (yes each!) left on standby costs you around £15 a year, it’s a worthwhile feature to have.

2. Keeping cool

Kitchen appliances are often one of the biggest contributors to a high energy bill, however ,without realising it you might already have a money-saving Eco-cycle on your washing machine. Have a look and double check because this cycle will save you around £25 a year compared to a normal 70°C wash.

If you don’t have an Eco-cycle you can still make your appliances more efficient by running lower temperature washes – and don’t worry about wash performance, as there are plenty of liquid detergents specially designed for cooler washes.

3. Bathroom Savings

On average, people use 140 litres of water each day, and a third of that is flushed away down your loo.

Instead of forking out hundreds of pounds for an energy efficient toilet you could order a FREE Save-a-Flush bag from the Energy Saving Trust. All you need to do is drop it into your cistern and it saves a little bit of water every time you flush!

4. Every drop counts

Your shower is another guilty culprit of willy-nilly water waste – especially if it’s a power shower!

By fitting an aerating showerhead, flow regulator or flow restrictor you’ll make some serious savings on your water bill. And with a hose pipe ban looming, every drop counts.

5. Clever thinking

If you want a simple way to preserve energy on your household appliances, an Eaga Energy Saving Standby Strip makes sure your TV, stereo and other gadgets turn off completely when not in use.

What is it? It’s a 4-gang plug which has an ‘always on’ socket and three other sockets.

You use the main socket for a TV, laptop or Satellite box. The extra sockets are for devices attached to the TV, such as speakers, DVD players and so on. When the ‘always on’ socket is turned to standby, the extra sockets are automatically turned off– instantly saving you money and energy.

So there you go, 5 quick and easy tips that will drastically reduce your energy consumption, and make that monthly energy bill lighter. Isn’t it great when you manage to help the environment and your back pocket!

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